Tuna Casserole for kids… And adults


It’s a Monday, and after a weekend of entertaining the kids and running around, I just wanted to throw together an easy dinner that would please everyone. This is not low-carb friendly, but sometimes convenience wins out. So I decided to make my tuna casserole. Growing up I never had tuna casserole. In fact I don’t think that I’ve ever tasted the traditional tuna casserole that’s made with Campbell’s mushroom soup. I saw this recipe that called for jarred alfredo sauce but I have an easy Alfredo recipe, so I substituted my own homemade Alfredo sauce.

My little 5 year old kiddo loved being in the kitchen and helping to make this dinner. He knew all the different ingredients. This is not a complicated recipe to put together. My kiddo helped me with every step, tasting all the different ingredients. He was very excited to try the casserole. To add a little “adult” twist, I added crispy shallots to the top. My kiddo was eating them too, so maybe it wasn’t just for adults.


Pasta (I like rotini or farfalle)
Package of frozen peas
2 cans tuna

Alfredo Sauce

1stick of unstated butter
2 tbsp of cream cheese
3/4 – 1 cup of Parmesan cheese
Pint heavy cream
Garlic powder (to taste)

Melt the butter in a sauce pan. Add the cream, cream cheese, and Parmesan cheese. Stir frequently to keep the sauce from burning or boiling over. Make sure that the cheese melts thoroughly. Season with garlic powder to taste.

Preheat the oven to 350. Boil the pasta according to the directions on the box. Stir the Alfredo sauce into pasta. Add the tuna and the peas, sprinkle the top with breadcrumbs. Put the casserole in the oven until the breadcrumbs are golden brown, about 10-15 mins.

Crispy Shallots

1 1/2 cups oil (olive or vegetable)
3 tbsp unsalted butter
5-6 shallots sliced into thin rings

Heat the oil and butter in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Reduce the heat to low, add the shallots, and cook for 30-40 mins, until the are a rich golden brown. Stir the shallots occasionally to make sure they brown evenly. Remove with a slotted spoon, drain well, and cool on paper towels.

Приятного аппетита!


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